“We offer regions aspiring to be considered Eco-Tourist destinations dwellings in line with their visitor’s expectations”

  • We can offer Eco-Camps in counties, and natural enclaves, that do not have a camping infrastructure.
  • We help to increase the profitability of existing rural accommodation, increasing occupation capacities and, also increasing the length of the season.
  • We are equipped to offer accommodation to agricultural facilities, farms, vineyards etc, giving them the opportunity to offer quality Agro-Tourism.
  • We help traditional campsites offer more recent touristic trends, such as ‘glamping’, a mix of glamour and camping. Literally ‘camping in style’.


We offer preconstructed modules of Ecological huts or cabins. Made from natural products and standardised to offer easy transport and assembly on site.

With no need for foundations, they are secured with steel screws directly into the ground, including in areas with up to a 10% gradient. An ecological advantage, the whole installation is removable without any long-term damage to the environment.

WoodSmart is the standard construction method used in LUSHNA huts and cabins.

The support structures are insulated with 120mm Eco Wood Fibres, and, along with the breathable coverings, not only offer excellent waterproofing, but also comfort all year round.

The various layers, thoughtfully prepared, provide a high level of protection against fire, isolate external noises which creates an agreeable natural environment for the visitor’s stay.

Tupiq aislantes y maderas

Available models


Villa. Cabañas de madera.

Desde 4.380 €

Villa Massive
Villa Green
Villa Air


Petite. Cabañas de madera.

Desde 23.250 €

Petite Reflect
Petite Life


Suite. Cabañas de madera.

Desde 18.950 €

Suite Glass
Suite Lux
Suite Mezzanine
Suite Pop up

Wellness accessories


Baño. Cabañas de madera.

Desde 13.950 €

Baño. Rain room


Sauna. Cabañas de madera.

Desde 14.750 €


Sauna de sal

Sauna de sal. Cabañas de madera.

Desde 15.750 €

Sauna de sal